The Academic Advisor supports students by providing them with general counseling on academic issues that concern them.

Specifically, the role of the Academic Advisor focuses primarily on providing:

– Guidance on course planning and improvement of academic performance.

– Assistance in managing academic progress during periods of severe personal or medical problems.

– Information on the regulations and requirements of the curriculum.

– Interface with other University services.

Specific Academic Advisors have been assigned to each year of studies:

For the academic year 2023-24, students are assigned (based on their registration number) to Academic Advisors as follows:

Registration Numbers Academic Advisor
Τ23001 – Τ23105 Eirinakis Pavlos
Τ23106 – Τ23220 Chatzidai Nikoleta
Τ22001 – Τ22106 Rachaniotis Nikolaos
Τ22107 – Τ22212 Giannatsis Ioannis
Τ21001 – Τ21083 Tambouratzis Tatiana
Τ21084 – Τ21167 Kostopoulos Konstantinos
Τ20001 – Τ20085 Moschuris Socrates
Τ20086 – Τ20170 Flamos Alexandros
Τ19001 – Τ19085 Sidiras Dimitrios
Τ19086 – Τ19169 Siontorou Christina
Τ18001 – Τ18071 Dedoussis Vassilis
Τ18072 – Τ18142 Karalekas Dimitrios

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