«The Department of Industrial Management and Technology recognizes quality as the primary means of achieving a high level of academic and research work. To that end, the quality culture of the Department is manifested by the commitment of its staff and its students. The academic and administrative staff of the Department work and collaborate in accordance with its values, embrace its vision and mission and contribute to the achievement of its strategic goals. They recognize and adopt good practices and participate in continuous improvement processes.»


The Department of Industrial Management and Technology is committed to ensuring quality in all its activities, through the adoption of an appropriate policy that will promote its academic nature and realize its goals. It is also committed to conducting high-level research and providing quality educational programs and services to meet the needs of both, the academic community, and the society.

To this end, the Department supports the conduct of high-level research, based on the progress of science and technology and the demands of the market and the society. Alongside, the Department offers human-centered, modern, accessible, equal, and inclusive education based on international quality standards.


The Department of Industrial Management and Technology implements a quality policy in order to continuously improve all of its study programs, research activities and administrative services, with the aim of upgrading the academic and administrative work, as well as its overall function.

The quality policy of the Department aims to achieve its vision and its strategic goals. The procedures for providing excellent education and ensuring a high level of research are an integral part of the quality policy. All members of the Department’s academic community, based on the timeless values that the Department adopts and advocates, contribute substantially to the effective achievement of its mission and goals.

The main objectives of the Department are:

  • The provision of high-level university education and training and the continuous adaptation of its study programs to the scientific and technological progress and the needs of the market and the society, focusing on the development of up-to-date and needed abilities and skills with a commitment to the principles of scientific ethics.
  • The fostering of research and innovation, contributing to the building and development of the European Higher Education and Research Area, as well as to the stronger link between applied research and industrial production.
  • The extroversion and internationalization, by expanding and intensifying the international networks and the strategic partnerships it maintains with academics and other bodies, co-shaping developments in the European and international academic space, and actively participating in the efforts made by the international community for development and prosperity.
  • The improvement the links and the relevance to the labor market.
  • The consolidation of the connection with the local community and the enhancement of the societal impact of the Department’s action, through the development of synergies and the adoption and promotion of the objectives of sustainable development and social cohesion.
  • The promotion of excellence, the reinforcement of staff resources, and the development of a favorable environment that creates the conditions for its students, its academics and its administrative staff to succeed.
  • The upgrading and expansion of infrastructure and services to achieve a well-defined logistical environment and a more efficient functioning of the Department.
  • The quality assurance and the continuous improvement of the academic unit.

Quality assurance is based on the close cooperation between the academic and administrative staff of the Department for the provision of high-quality services, so that the Department can meet the challenges of both, the international norms of educational and research excellence and the expectations of students, graduates, its teaching, research and administrative staff, the institutions cooperating with the Department and the society.

The Department is committed to achieving its goals by adopting a student-centered academic strategy and by implementing the Internal Quality Assurance System of the University of Piraeus.

Framework of the Quality Policy of the Department of Industrial Management & Technology

  1. The Department of Industrial Management and Technology operates on the basis of international quality standards.
  2. The quality policy of the Department supports the strategic goals of the Department at the level of academic and administrative functions and is harmonized with the quality policy of the University of Piraeus.
  3. All members of the academic community recognize and support the quality policy of the Department.
  4. An effective and efficient quality assurance system has been put in place, which includes the quality policy, procedures and performance indicators and plays a role in the fulfilment of the Department’s vision and mission.


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