The Student Welfare Department is housed in the main building of the University of Piraeus, 80 Karaoli & Dimitriou str., 1st  floor, office 114. Students can find information on:

  • Feeding
  • Housing
  • Mortgage allowance
  • Health coverage
  • European insurance card


The library is housed in the main building of the University. Its entrance is on the central circular staircase in the middle of the ground floor. Disabled people may use the lift on the left side of the building. Opening hours are 8am – 8pm daily, all business days.

Library services include general and specialized information, lending, acquisition of non-library material, and user education.


The Internship Program enables 4th year students to come in contact with workplaces, acquire new knowledge, actively engage in teamwork and participate in decision-making, develop their skills, participate in planning and completion of projects and gain work experience. The participation of students in the Program strengthens the relation of the Department with the labor market and contributes to the development of networks of cooperation.

Academic Coordinator: Socrates Moschouris


The Career Office seeks to offer students / graduates a multifaceted support for their smooth integration into the labor market towards a successful career. It provides them with information, guidance and active support in preparing and finding employment in Greece and abroad, in continuing for postgraduate studies and in the first steps of business action. For businesses, the Career Office is a source of well-trained executives to meet their staffing needs, while for students and prospective students, it offers a series of information activities for studies in the University of Piraeus and corresponding career paths.


Student mobility is implemented through bilateral agreements set by the Academic Coordinator and valid for each academic year. Student selection is made by the Academic Coordinator during February and March and covers the entire next academic year. Students can learn the Universities to which they can move from the relevant list of the Department of International & Public Relations, apply to the Academic Coordinator and find information about their respective University through their website, or consult the information files of the Universities from the archive at the Department of International & Public Relations.

In addition, students and recent graduates can be trained for internships at Universities, Businesses and Organizations in countries participating in the program, with the aim of gaining work experience in an international environment.

Academic Coordinator: Ioannis Giannatsis


The Academic Advisor supports students by providing them with general counseling on academic issues that concern them.

Specifically, the role of the Academic Advisor focuses primarily on providing:

– Guidance on course planning and improvement of academic performance.

– Assistance in managing academic progress during periods of severe personal or medical problems.

– Information on the regulations and requirements of the curriculum.

– Interface with other University services.


Primary health care services are provided at the University Clinic. It operates daily on the ground floor of the main building, office 003.
The clinic is fully equipped with medical equipment (cardiograph, defibrillator, oxygen, wheelchair, intravenous, intramuscular or oral medication).
The Clinic is served daily by a Specialized Physician and a Nurse, and is occasionally visited by a Gynecologist.


The Counseling Center functions as a Meeting, Support, Communication and Intervention Room on the ground floor of the main building of the University of Piraeus, Room 018. Intervention and treatment of emerging needs can be done either through individual and group psychological counseling, focusing on promoting the academic adaptation of the student population.

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