Instructors: Dimitrios Sidiras, Christina SiontorouNikolata Chatzidai, Aggeliki Geronti
Course Code: ΤΕΤΕΧ08
Semester: 2nd (Spring)
Requirements: –
Language of Teaching: Greek
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS): 2,5


The course involves laboratory practice as a continuation of the 1st course on Introduction to Physical Sciences. Its main goal is to familiarize students with scientific and research methodology. In the lab, students become familiar with the experimental and computational simulation of representative topics of modern industrial production.

The course is conducted in the Laboratory of Simulation of Industrial Processes. In particular, the course seeks to familiarize students with: (a) the basic principles of experimental design, (b) the basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering, (c) the modeling of industrial processes, (d) the methods of determining critical parameters of physical and chemical processes for modeling; (e) simulation (physical and computational) and processing of results; (f) modeling, validation and modification of models using experimental results, (g) decision-making based on techno-economic criteria.

Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Use the basic principles of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics to describe systems and solve problems
  • Understand the concept of chemical equilibrium and solve related problems
  • Describe systems of unit operations and unit processes and use basic methods (computational and physical simulation) to study them
  • Use models for basic industrial processes
  • Process experimental results and use them to configure, validate and modify models
  • Use techno-economic criteria for decision making

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