Besides the Student Internship Program Regulation (NSRF), the following are noted with respect to the Department of Industrial Management and Technology:


The Department of Industrial Management & Technology of the University of Piraeus, in its effort to offer its students not only excellent theoretical training but also valuable work experience, has incorporated an Internship Program in its curriculum. From the 2017-2018 academic year, students who wish to participate in the Internship Program must choose “Internship” as an “elective course”, which is equivalent and corresponds to an elective course (5.5 ECTS).


The Internship lasts for 2 full-time months for the students.


  • Only students who will join the NSRF program have the right to participate.
  • The Internship Program is addressed to students of the 7th and 8th semesters of the Department of Industrial Management and Technology, School of Maritime and Industrial Studies, University of Piraeus, but also to those students of later semesters who have a pending elective course of the 7th or 8th semester. It is included in the optional courses “Internship I” (7th semester) and “Internship II” (8th semester). A basic condition for participation in this program is the registration in the corresponding semester of only one of the two aforementioned optional courses.
  • The maximum number of trainees in the Internship Program is determined according to the approved funds. In the event that the maximum number of participating interns is not reached in the 7th semester, then the excess number of interns may be transferred to the 8th semester.
  • The selection process ensures transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination of applicants for participation in the Program based on gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, genealogical origins, religious or other beliefs, age, disability or chronic illness, sexual orientation, gender identity or characteristics, family or social status.

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