Instructors: Christina SiontorouAggeliki Geronti
Course Code: ΤΕΠΑΡ20
Semester: 7th (Fall)
Requirements: –
Language of Teaching: Greek
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS): 2,5



The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the main concepts of research methodology, the basic know-how for the drafting of small-scale scientific projects and the usual techniques and software used in writing, searching, results processing, data acquisition, referencing, categorization, etc. Also, students will develop the necessary skills to meet the requirements of structure, content, bibliography, appearance and presentation of a scientific work (paper, literature review, thesis, technical text, etc.).

Using examples, case studies and relevant audiovisual material, students will be able to understand scientific texts as they develop skills related to:

  • the use of language as the primary and essential communication tool with which scientific knowledge is transmitted from the author to the reader
  • the formulation of the problem to be investigated and the hypotheses regarding the possible causal factors that contribute to the problem, the decomposition of the problem into sub-units and parameters, the determination of the study limits regarding the problem and the methodological approach of the sub-units and parameters of the problem
  • search techniques for data, knowledge and information
  • the evaluation of bibliographic sources and data
  • the effective use of IT tools (search software, results processing, data presentation, referencing and citations).
  • the drafting and elaboration of a small-scale project (data/information search, organization of data/information, presentation, documentation, inference)
  • writing texts in a scientifically correct way, presenting/analysing the topic of the work in all its pre-defined dimensions
  • the application of ethics and morality in writing
  • the documentation of the work so as to contribute to the advancement of knowledge on the subject presented
  • the oral presentation of scientific work and/or technical study
  • the organization, coordination and elaboration of group work (planning, assignment of roles, schedules, style harmonization, presentation)

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