Sofianopoulou Styliani (Stella)Vice-Rector of Finance, Planning & Development - Professor


    Address: Main Bldg,
    80 Karaoli & Dimitriou Str.,
    Piraeus, 185 34
    office 310, 3rd floor
    Phone: +30 210 414-2147
    E-mail: sofianop(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr
    Office Hours: Tuesday 10-12


    Received the B.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus, Greece, ranking first in her class. Carried out postgraduate studies at the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics of the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she received the M.Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in Operational Research. During her studies she was recipient of the Greek State and Skylitsi Foundation scholarships. Between 1988-1993 was an Adjunct Professor at Deree College, Greece. In 1991 was appointed Lecturer at the Dept. of Applied Informatics of the Athens University of Economics and Business. In 1993 she joined the Dept. of Industrial Management & Technology at the University of Piraeus as an Assistant Professor. She was promoted to Associate and Full Professor in 1998 and 2009 respectively. She has been elected Department Head for two terms (2013-2016). She is currently teaching Operational Research and Quantitative Methods in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the department. She has published more than 50 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings with more than 610 citations. Her published work focuses on the solution of combinatorial optimization problems in the fields of telecommunications, design and analysis of production systems, inventory routing and scheduling, etc. Current research interests also include the development of (meta-) heuristic algorithms and the application of Data Envelopment Analysis technique to industrial problems, energy systems and cellular manufacturing. She is a reviewer to several scientific journals and conferences. She had been a member of the Operational Research Society, UK (1985-1998). She has been also a member of the Operational Research Society and the Economic Chamber of Greece since 1988.


    1988, Ph.D. in Operational Research, Dept. of Statistical & Mathematical Sciences, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & POLITICAL SCIENCE, UK
    1983, M.Sc. στην Επιχειρησιακή Έρευνα, Dept. of Statistical & Mathematical Sciences, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & POLITICAL SCIENCE, UK


    Development of (meta-) heuristic algorithms including, Simulated Annealing, Ant Colony Optimisation, Memetic Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, etc.
    Application of heuristic procedures for the solution of industrial production design & analysis problems, the Inventory Routing problem, Routing & Scheduling problems, etc.
    Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to energy, environmental, financial and education problems
    Corporate strategies and organisational growth

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