Presentation of the Department at the Lyceum of the Ionideios School of Piraeus

 In Activities

On April 1, 2024, Professor Grigoris Chondrokoukis and Asst. Professor Pavlos Eirinakis presented the modern curriculum of the Department of Industrial Management and Technology to students of t the First and Second Grade of the Lyceum of the Ionideio School of Piraeus. Specifically, the basic courses of each semester were analyzed as well as the elective courses which determine a more specialized orientation of the students based on their abilities. Particular interest was also expressed in the excellent employment prospects of the Department’s graduates in the fields of the Industry of the Future, the existence of the Liaison Office that effectively connects the University with the job market through career counseling, the possibility of participating in Internship programs and Erasmus+ for the enrichment of their student experience, as well as the Department’s outreach actions such as the speeches by market executives and the upcoming 1st BDT Student Conference.

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