Presentation by Dr. D. Vassilakis, Planning & Analysis Supervisor at Thenamaris Ships Management, on the implementation of digital transformation projects in shipping

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In the context of the course “Project Management in Practice”, of the 3rd Semester of the Master’s Program in Industrial Management and Technology specializing in Project Management, on Wednesday 10/1/2024 a presentation was held by Dr. Dimitris Vasilakis, Planning & Analysis Supervisor at Thenamaris Ship Management. Students of the Undergraduate Study Program also participated in the lecture.

Mr. Vasilakis spoke about the business framework of shipping companies in general and the particularities of a Marine Personnel Department (Crew Department). In addition, he presented how Thenamaris implemented a digital transformation project in the Crew Department, the integration within the corresponding information system of intelligent computing techniques to optimize its operation, the way in which they supported the engagement and adoption of the new mode of operation by the seafarers as well as the challenges they faced, especially in terms of management of change.

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