Instructor: Pavlos Eirinakis
Course Code: ΤΕΕΠΑ0101
Semester: 7th elective (Fall)
Language of Teaching: Greek
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS): 5,5


Every product and service, but also every project, production process, business operation, consumer behavior, etc. generates an abundance of data. This data is a wealth of knowledge that is often completely untapped. Modern companies, having fully understood the value that this knowledge can give to an organization, are increasingly turning in the direction of collecting and exploiting the data they have at their disposal. This course provides through practical training (using MS Excel) the fundamental tools, methodologies and techniques for the preparation, enrichment, analysis and investigation of data, but also for predicting the future course of critical quantities. In this way, business analytics allows the timely diagnosis of trends and the recognition of opportunities, thus supporting project management as well as in general the making of operational and strategic decisions.

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