Participation of Department students in the Piraeus Blue Hackathon Day

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Students of the Department participated in the “Piraeus Blue Hackathon Day” competition held on June 1, 2022 at the University of Piraeus. The competition was organized by the Municipality of Piraeus in collaboration with the University of Piraeus and the Center for Promotion of Young Enterprises of the Municipality of Piraeus.

This year’s competition included group consultations, discussion, help from the mentors for the final formulation of proposals and ideas. A total of 24 groups participated, including 14 groups of pupils and students and 10 groups of representatives of startups, which are either already operating or are now starting their activity. The themes on which the groups were based were: sustainable shipping, city – port transport – sustainable mobility, sustainable coastal and marine tourism, sustainable fisheries and marine biotechnology, climate change and energy saving and digital transformation of the sustainable blue economy.

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